I Can't Stop Laughing

I'm giggling under my breath as I'm typing. You'll see why in a moment. First of all I hope everyone of you had a Merry Christmas. I got to spend it with my family in Hawaii. It's been a beautiful day filled with fun adventures. I will post pictures when I get home. Speaking of going home, I really don't want to leave. The thought of getting off the plain into a freezing Utah weather makes me really sad, but thanks to my awesome guy and his siblings I have something to look forward to. I will see these happy faces and they will make me laugh without a doubt! This is what I received in my inbox today and I'm still giggling because I think they are hilarious!!! Enjoy!



My youngest brother Stephen
got his mission call today! We all gathered together and watched him open the big white envelope. Everyone wrote down their guesses. Some thought he was going to Cambodia, because he spent this last summer volunteering there. As you can see he makes a pretty ghetto looking Cambodian gangster:
Some thought he might serve in Texas (Stephen can grow some sweet redneck sideburns):
Some guessed Norway, because he kinds of looks like the Norwegian troll:
Once everyone made their little jokes about how funny it would be if Stephen was getting called to Narnia or the Shire (as in Lord of the Rings shire), the big moment finally came! Stephen is called to serve in Long Beach, California, Spanish speaking mission. I'm so excited for him! Our oldest brother Jack served in the same mission and spoke Cambodian. Long beach is in for a treat!!


Another Happy Tuesday

Yep, I got one! Can't wait to wear it!


I'm grateful...

..for people who make me laugh! This is too funny!


Happy Tuesday

23 more days and I'll be in Kauai! I can't wait to go hiking and see some beautiful waterfalls.

Looking Back

The other day I came across a small box filled with my baby and growing up pictures. They are old school and I love them because of their character. The pictures were taken in Russia as I was growing up and they are thick. They are printed on thick picture paper and they are thick with memories. Some have old coffee stains, some are missing corners, some are faded, and some have few things written on the back of them. My grandmothers handwriting is beautiful and I miss it. Looking at these pictures fills my heart with gratitude. This one is one of my favorites!(my brother Pavel and I)
I remember this old lawn chair and picking lilacs for my grandmother. I am so grateful for my great life. I'm grateful for the bad and I'm even more grateful for the good. I'm blessed to have amazing family, here and Russia. Both have taught me so much! Thank you for inspiring me to be the individual that I am becoming.


Happy Tuesday!

I can't wait for this little thing to arrive! It's an instant camera and I'm so excited!!!
Happy Tuesday Side Note: In a month I'll be on a warm beach in Hawaii! Oh goodness! I can't wait!


Melt My Heart- David Gray

At the beginning of the month Brandon and I went to the David Gray concert! We ran into my buddies Mike and Kim, Jeph and Venita. It was a fantastic evening and music was outstanding! I love David Gray and his music, so good.
The opening band was Lisa Hannigan and she was amazing! I've never heard of her before this night and man she was good! She played this mini organ and it sounded really good. (the organ is to the right of her in the picture, it was rad!)
David Gray didn't disappoint either. Man he is good. Here are some pictures from his show.

Thanks for an awesome night!

BOO! Happy Halloween!

My friends and I got together before halloween and carved pumpkins. As you can see the results are pretty awesome!
My mummy pumpkin!
Brandon free-handed the trumpet pumpkin. I think it looks really good! He has a talent!
Jay and Chels came up with their own design. Later Chels shared her inspiration: the New Moon. Go Team Jacob!
JacJac and her date carved this one! They did an awesome job!
Jay and Brandon being goofs! Love these boys!
Brandon and I showing off our pumpkins. They look good and so do we!
Cute Jaclyn and her date (I can't remember his name, I feel bad). They are too cute!



I love wedding! I mean which girl doesn't, right?! Two of my close friends got married and I had the change to attend the sealing and remember how awesome the Temple is.
Jordan got married at the end of September and she looked stunning! She has a vintage dress and she looked amazing in it! Congrats Jordan and Brant!

Great friends since Junior High: Me, Jordi, and Kiley
Jordan had a beautiful reception at the historical library in Provo. Their photographer did an awesome job with their pictures.
My friend Gris got married in October. Kevin and Gris had a luncheon and the reception at Joseph Smith building. Congrats you two! I love you both!
Kevin is a funny guy, this pictures shows it perfectly!

I love my friends and I'm so blessed to have been a part of their weddings! Thank you guys and Congrats!

Brandi Carlile

Way back in September I had the chance to go and see Brandi Carlile. She is one amazing singer. I absolutely love her voice. Brandon, JJ, JK and I met up at the Depot and danced the night away! I've never been to this venue before and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to get close to the band and have great sound. Here are some pictures from the night:
Brandi and one of the twins (her guitar players are twins):
I though this one was cool looking:
Rocking out with the other twin:
Thanks for an awesome concert!



I know two blogs in a row! Go me! September came and so did my birthday! I turned 24 and boy was it a fun day! My friend Kiley and I have been talking about doing a movie in my back yard for few month, but something was always happening so we never set a night. Finally we decided to do it the weekend before Labor day. We got a projector from my awesome buddies Mike and Kim! Got lots of yummy food, I got put in charge of bbq'-ing. I must admit I'm pretty darn good at it! Brandon brought sound equipment so we had some great music playing while we were enjoying our hamburgers and hot dogs. Jesse happened to be in town and he came and took a lot of fun pictures.
We had a little too much fun on the tramp:

My cute dog Whistler.
Before we all got settled to watch a movie under stars my awesome friends surprised me with a birthday cake!I loved it! I felt like a little kid! Thank you guys! It was fantastic!
Making a wish.
Thanks everyone for making my birthday extra fun! I love you all!

Where Did The Summer Go?!

Alright people, I know I'm a total slacker! I've been tempted to delete the blog because I'm too busy having fun and partially too lazy to update it. Crazy thinking! Here is my attempt to catch you guys up on what has been happening in my life. Be ready this is a long one!
In August there were few wedding to attend, one of them was Chris and Brit's wedding! They are some of the sweetest people I've met! Their wedding was beautiful and so fun!
I've discovered the best park to spend my lunch hour. I've had few pic-nics there too. This tree is by far my favorite! It's so beautiful!
I've spent a lot of time listening to some of the best jam cessions in Provo! Meet Coco! In this picture he has some sweet dreads going, they got shaved off the very next day.
Brandon doing his thing on the trumpet!
My family also ventured to another Jackson trip! This is the best place on earth, I love it! It's like a mini heaven on earth! My beautiful sister Sarah and sweetest little niece Hannah. Love them both!
A lot of fun things happened on this trip. One of them was Thom water skiing with a moose. If you look closer you will see a moose! He was swimming to an island and we just happened to be boating by it. I was really funny, the moose was ok and made it just fine to his island.
Brandon showed us his slalom skills! Seriously look at this place! It's gorgeous.
There were few stormy days.
I was sad to leave but there is always next year!
My friends and I attended few fun concerts at the Gallivan. JJ's friends Tanya came with us. She is a russian girl and we had so much fun chatting in russian! I miss it.
Went up to snowbird with my family. Brandon and I went hiking.
For 4th of July we went to Colorado and I saw the best fireworks! We were seriously right under them. It was a blast!
I'm sad summer is already gone! It went by way too fast, but I guess that is what happens when you are having fun! Thanks everyone!