30 Minutes

Hello year 2012! I'm told by Hollywood that the end of the world is coming sometime this year. So I've decided to get my body in shape, just in case I have to run away from some zombies or something. Just in case. I mean, I will live just as long as I can out run someone else :) that's my plan at least.

Anyways..... it has been difficult to find time in my schedule to actually go and work out. I work 40 hours a week and most evenings I'm not home till it's dark outside. I no longer have a gym pass, thank goodness... I finally got my soul out of the evil grasp of Golds Gym! ( I mean seriously! I'm sure Golds would take my first born if I had one). So being the big grown up I am, I've decided it's time to make time to tone up and I knew exactly what to do. Jillian!!!!
She always kicks my hiney! Since I refuse to run in the dark, she is my best friend on the nights I get home late. Trust me, her work out will make you sweat and burn. 30 minutes each evening and if zombies show up on my door step in 4 weeks, I will be ready!! Plus zombies or no zombies, I will still look great and toned, can't complain about that. Bring it on 2012!

(This is Brandon, and I approve this message.)