Scheels and Other Adventures

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already come and gone and Christmas is almost here!  We were able to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families. While Brandon's parents were in town we ventured out to Scheels, the new sporting goods store in Sandy. We had fun taking pictures in the awkward photo stalls they had:
 "It's right behind me?! Isn't it?"
 You can't see it very well but this room was full of animal heads and guns, lots of guns.
 Brandon bought a monster truck.
 And a rifle.
Salt Lake Temple lights.
Love. Us.
 The Christmas gnome is out, he finally has a home again! #ChristmasTreeDecorating
 I made Mango Sticky Rice - yumm....
Brandon found the "Stringham family zucchini" in my parents garden.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We are so grateful for our wonderful families and for the time we were able to spend with one another.



My beautiful little sister turned 18 this month! I can't believe how quickly time flew. It feels like just yesterday I was meeting her for the first time. She was 4!!! She is my buddy and my friend. Even though she is my little sister, she is a huge example to me. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is always kind, thoughtful, and always putting others before herself. Sarah, you are fantastic! I love you to the moon and back!

October, According To Brandon's Phone

 I think everyone can agree with me that Fall was absolutely stunning this year.  It's a but sad that I don't have a single picture of it. Oh well there is always next year.
Brandon and I enjoy trying new restaurants/ diners/ eateries. Sometimes they are great and sometimes not so much. We are not picky eaters, so this is kind of fun for us and we don't get sick of eating at same places. This month we gave Dickeys a try. It's little BBQ joint. It was not too bad. Best part is you got to serve yourself an ice cream cone. I love ice cream so I was sold. Oh and they also have a huge pickle jar you can take a pickle from. I helped myself to some ice cream, but passed on the pickle jar. Maybe another day when I'm feeling extra brave.
 Halloween was fun! Everyone at my work dressed up! I rocked my "Where's Waldo" costume. Later that evening we had a party to go to and I put together a last minute costume of "Rosie The Riveter". Brandon was a robber. He wanted to make sure my costume was perfect, that included taking me to a store and buying me a bright red lipstick.
 Brandon's mission friends came to visit us. Jeff, Carly, and sweet little Sammy. We had a blast exploring Salt Lake!
 We visited downtown, City Creek, Conference Center, and got to do a lot of tours that Brandon and I haven't done in ages.
 We drove up the Little Cottonwood Canyon and saw the area where granite for the temple was taken. Jeff and Carly though it was the neatest place.
 We finished off their visit by visiting the Salt Lake Temple. We will miss they for sure and their sweet little family.
Brandon never ceases to amaze me. He is the best at little surprises! This is what I came home to one day. What a great way to end the evening after a long day of work.


September, According To My Phone

September was full family time. We got to spend a lot of time with our families. Farmers came into town to spend Labor day with us. Our sweet aunt Linda passed away from a long battle with cancer. Her funeral reminded all of us of what a loving and fun person she was. She will be greatly missed. 
We also celebrated my 27th birthday. I felt like we celebrated the entire month. Brandon and I had so much fun! Here are some pictures of what we have done from my phone:
 We went out for some delicious Red Mango to celebrate my birthday.
 Brandon has out done himself and surprised me with wedding bands for my wedding ring.
 We made yummy crapes.
 Went out to dinner
 And I tried Pho for the first time. It was pretty good.
I met my new darling niece. She is absolutely beautiful!
Steve and Jane 
We finally tried out One Band Diner. It was tasty.

September was a great month. Brandon and I love being with our families. They are always such a good company. October overview coming soon.