California - Catching up!

I'm so behind on this summer. In June Brandon, JJ, Hillary, and I went on a road trip to Cali. We drove to pick up Hillary at the aunts place that is close to Zions park. We drove by a little Inn that is names: Marianna Inn. I've never in my had that chance to see anything with my name on it. The little tourist stores never have a key chain or a cup with my name in it, so my friends have a joke going on that if they ever come across something with my name on it they have to buy it. I guess I'll have to let them off this one. We spent a lot of time on the beach. I learned how to surf and we played a lot of beach volleyball.
JJ and Brandon kept jumping around and got a fun idea to see how high they could jump. I think this is a funny picture. Brandon jumped over JJ and no one though he could do it. He was so high!
The longboards we used to learn how to surf. Thanks to our awesome friends in Cali that taught us how and let us use their boards.
Leaving the beach to go to a friends wedding!
We also made a stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes. They were delish!
One thing that I really wanted to do while we were in Cali is to go to Santa Monica Pier. It was my favorite!
We all rode the Ferris Wheel and watched the sunset.

Our last day in Cali we went to the fabric district in LA. I've never seen so much fabric in my life. every store was draped in fabric. We loved it!
It was such a fun trip! Thanks Brandon, JJ and Hillary for making it so much fun!


Way Back In June

Way back in June we celebrated Brandon's and Jaclyn's birthdays! We threw a party in back yard and had lots of fun people come join us. It was a really chill night and it was great to hang out and listen to good music. We played with sparklers.We hung lights in the back yard they looked really cool. I especially like the skateboard ramp in the back of the yard.
Brandon got his trumpet out and played some Jazz.
Its a tradition to sing a really loud spanish song to the birthday person. Jaclyn got sung to and then Brandon and Josh broke out JT's song and people couldn't stop laughing because they were being silly.
Happy birthday Brandon and Jaclyn! You guys are my favorite!