San Fran

Brandon and I had few extra days off work, so we decided to run away to San Fran. Our sweet grandma lives there and we were lucky to stay at her house and spend some quality time with her. In her back yard she has a large bell, it is a tradition to ring it! Yes Brandon and I both followed the tradition! We had to climb up a little because the pull rope broke.

 After the bell ringing we headed off to center of San Fran.
 It was Easter weekend and we came across these "sister" that were going to their church to celebrate.
 Mine, Mine, Mine.....
 The happy kids!
 We came across this cookie shop. We ended up coming back multiple times and buying more cookies because they were SO good.
 One of the days we went on adventures in Oakland and ended up at the Temple. It was so beautiful!
 Our good friends told us few great things to do. One of them was to have breakfast at Light House Cafe. They had amazing food, delicious hot chocolate, and great staff. We ended up going there few times.
 Loving the Hot chocolate.

 My breakfast on of the days, a huge omelet! We will be visiting this cafe again when we are back in San Fran.
 We drove to the Golden Gates Bridge and enjoyed the beautiful views.

 My beverage of choice while on this trip. Grapefruit is my absolute favorite!
 We went to the pier 41 and explored the museum of antique arcade games. It was full of all sorts of cool/ unique games.

 Little legs!
 Had an delicious dinner at Fog City Diner.

Finished off the trip by driving on Lombard street. San Fran was so beautiful and we had the best time! Sorry about iPhone pictures.

Furburbia Pups

 We have been fostering more puppies from Furburbia. It is really a fun thing to do for a day once a week! Here are some of the fur'babies we have had at our home:

-Meet Darius and Otis. These guys were so funny! Both of them were older dogs, but they were the sweetest. I had been asked to take Darius (the black and white pup) and when I went over to pick him up, his little buddy Otis was just following him around. They were so cute together and I couldn't stand separating them.....so Brandon and I ended up having a snaggle tooth gang for a night!
 - Jesse was almost adopted by us! We (mostly me) were smitten by this little guy. He was tiny and so cute! But we are big kids and we know we can't have a dog right now, so we enjoyed every minute with this little pup.
 -Trixie was our last foster. She was the most playful puppy! As you can tell we tired her out. Brandon got to spend most of the morning watching her and they became cute little buds.
 Tuckered out after running around chasing a ball.
Brandon was making funny noises and she kept tilting her head back and forth.

We love fostering little pups! It is so rewarding and we get to totally spoil them with love while they are in our home. We also have learned how much work puppies are, even having they for one night.

I am always happy to see these sweet pups go to a good home. All of the pups have been adopted and it makes our hearts happy that we got to spend some time and get to know these sweet little creatures.  And who knows, with Brandon working from home maybe one of the future fosters will stay permanently :)