Book Worm

I'm not quite the book worm, but I am working on it. I become one little more each summer. Lately I've been busy planning a wedding (which is in 6 days!!!!!), but when I have few minutes of free time I've been enjoying a good read! This one has been captivating me with every page! I can't put it down and on few occasions I've lost track of time and didn't put it down till 3 am. My boss reads so many books and she thought that I would really enjoy this one. I was little hesitant to read it at first. I knew the book was a true story from world war 2 and I was little scared because I thought it would be old/ boring. I was SO WRONG!! I am loving this! The author has written this story so well! With each page I want to know more and more. So if you have a fear about war books, read this one. You will like it! I have a long list of books for this summer. I'm hoping to read all of them before winder comes. I'll let you know how that goes! Well I'm off to read a little more!