Bragging Post- Grow America

I just have to brag for a minute! Brandon has been working so hard on creating some amazing commercials for a few companies. One that he just finished is a commercial that turned out awesome! Brandon is very talented and he has been working very hard on getting his clients what they ask for. Finally all that hard work has paid off. So there we were, on the couch after our long days at work, watching a March Madness game, and all of the sudden, out of no where, his commercial came on! We both did a double take, we were so surprised! It looked great!!! You can watch the full version here: www.GrowAm.com

Here are some screenshots of the commercial:

Happy Birthday Pops!!!

Another year has flown by and March 15h is here again. Happy birthday dad! You are one amazing dad, friend, sidekick, and everything anyone could wish for in a dad!  Thanks for all you do! Happy Birthday dad! We love you lots!


Jaclyn and Mark

Jaclyn, our lovely little sister got her self a fiance! Mark surprised her and proposed at a picnic! Not only is Jaclyn getting an amazing husband (a perfect guy for her), but we also get a pretty cool new brother! We are very excited for these two and their new adventure!
Congratulations, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Mark Morrison!


Do you ever get an idea in your head and you just have to do it!? Brandon and I have those moments a lot. I love them, simply because they make our days interesting. Sometimes Brandon has to make cookies in the late evening, I love that because then I have yummy cookies for a treat next day. I sometimes decide to craft at 11 pm the night before I have to be up at 5 am. Silly, I know, but sometimes you just gotta do it.

Last night Brandon and I went out on a date. It was wonderful little break from our stuffy schedule. After great dinner we went to get a red box, and while we were at the store we did some shopping. I got a great idea! I told it to Brandon and he supported it, so I did it!
 Add some of this:
Spontaneity paid off. I love it and so does the man of the house!