Russian Food

I'm giving up on catching up, it is taking me way too much time. On my 25th birthday, which I celebrated in September, I've decided to make my resolution list (like the one people usually make on New Years Eve). One of the goals I put on my list is to make more Russian food, actually it is more like re-learn how to make Russian food. So far I am making a great progress, one dish each month. I present to you my little creations:

- October: Black Bread. I great up eating this bread pretty much with every meal. I smelled and tasted so good. I will change few things next time. This bread is good but I'm not sure when I will make it next time. It has 17 ingredients in it!!!! It was easy to make but it tool a long time. It was worth it!
- September: Stuffed Cabbage. This was SO tasty! I doubled the recipe and it cost me $13 (and some cents). I fed 12 people and had left overs! This dish is something my grandmother used to make and it is so filling! The stuffing includes lots of veggies, rice, and ground beef. I will be making this again soon.
Stay tuned to see what November brings.