Cross That Off My List

On Saturday I got to cross something off my Bucket List! I finally attended Holi Festival of Colours. It is an Indian celebration of Spring and other interesting little things. We got together with friends, dressed in white t shirts (Brandon and I made a little stop at DI) and headed out to the festival. There were so many people there! Seriously! It was so much fun. Lots of music and people, and the best part colored chalk! We got there just in time before they started to toss the chalk and we got our nice white shirts and clean faces smothered with all sorts of colors! People toss the powdered chalk in the air and at people, it gets everywhere! I had to cover my nose in order to breath. Once the colored dust settled this is what was left:
Everyone was covered in color!
Being silly! I washed my hair 4 times after that to get all that chalk out, it was so worth the fun!
Jaclyn and Brad! Love them!
Monkeying around before going home.
I was having so much fun I didn't want to go home, so Brandon carried me away.


Jackson Paul

This little family of 3 just got a tiny bit bigger!
Handsome baby Jackson Paul Stringham finally decided to arrive on March 19th. He is so cute and I am head over hills in love with him!
I can't get enough of this cuttie! Congrats Jack and Melissa!


Road Trip!

Brandon and I decided to go on a road trip to Idaho to see our friend get married! We packed the car and headed out with a car full of good friends. I've never actually been to Idaho but I've driven through it. When we got there I was so disoriented and I missed my trusty Utah mountains, I couldn't tell where east or west was. Thank goodness Randy our awesome driver had a GPS, it got us safely to out hotel. We packed close to 10 people in out tiny hotel room and it was so fun! There were people everywhere! I couldn't step on the floor without accidentally stepping on someones arm or leg. We attended wedding dinner on friday and a beautiful sealing ceremony on saturday morning. I forgot my camera so I didn't catch any pictures of the beautiful bride and groom. As most of you know, Idaho is pretty flat right? Well we were driving in Twin Falls and all of the sudden there was this huge gorge! So we all decided to go and check it out and kill some time before the reception.Brandon and I grabbed our blanket and went and sat on the dock. I enjoyed my Vanilla Coke. I haven't had one in forever and it was delicious.
Brandon dared me to dip my toes in the water, I did and the water was freezing!
Thanks for a fun road trip!


My dad!

Today my dad celebrated his birthday! I seriously have the best dad on earth! He is the most kind and understanding individual I know. I love you dad! Thanks for all the support, long talks about life, boys, work, and little things that matter! Thanks for all the fun trips, for teaching me how to ski and enjoy water sports! You are the best!