I Can't Stop Laughing

I'm giggling under my breath as I'm typing. You'll see why in a moment. First of all I hope everyone of you had a Merry Christmas. I got to spend it with my family in Hawaii. It's been a beautiful day filled with fun adventures. I will post pictures when I get home. Speaking of going home, I really don't want to leave. The thought of getting off the plain into a freezing Utah weather makes me really sad, but thanks to my awesome guy and his siblings I have something to look forward to. I will see these happy faces and they will make me laugh without a doubt! This is what I received in my inbox today and I'm still giggling because I think they are hilarious!!! Enjoy!



My youngest brother Stephen
got his mission call today! We all gathered together and watched him open the big white envelope. Everyone wrote down their guesses. Some thought he was going to Cambodia, because he spent this last summer volunteering there. As you can see he makes a pretty ghetto looking Cambodian gangster:
Some thought he might serve in Texas (Stephen can grow some sweet redneck sideburns):
Some guessed Norway, because he kinds of looks like the Norwegian troll:
Once everyone made their little jokes about how funny it would be if Stephen was getting called to Narnia or the Shire (as in Lord of the Rings shire), the big moment finally came! Stephen is called to serve in Long Beach, California, Spanish speaking mission. I'm so excited for him! Our oldest brother Jack served in the same mission and spoke Cambodian. Long beach is in for a treat!!


Another Happy Tuesday

Yep, I got one! Can't wait to wear it!