I return....and I have pictures!

Ok, ok, I've been slacking! Apparently I have 5 people who follow this blog and I should probably keep them happy. So here, I am back! Oh and did I mention I have pictures!?! Well here you go my lovely readers! I've been up to some fun things! This summer has been full of adventures and really good road trips. Here are pictures form my Colorado trip way back in May. Brandon, Jeff and I made our way to Colorado so see their families. I've never been so it was great to go on a road trip with my friends! Brandon and I went on a drive and saw the most beautiful sun rays peeking through rainy clouds. Enjoy the pictures!
Brandon and I
Me wondering in a field.
Brandon and the cute red barn.
Pretty sun rays after the rain storm.
We went to Tocabe a Native American cafe and had really delicious food.
Downtown Denver. Really cool place!

Stay tuned for pictures form various celebrations and California road trip!