..... there is a possibility that I've been having way to much fun to keep up with my blog. Its true. Fall is almost here and I am slowly catching up!


1. Natalie and Andrew got married and I got to attend their sealing! Love these two! 2. Brandon and I discovered the best shaved ice known to men! It was the best! Thanks Sarah for telling us about it.
3. Celebrated my beautiful mom's birthday and Mothers day! Got to talk to Sam
... and Stephen. I absolutely love my little brothers! They are incredible!

4. Alyssa and Randy got married! Brandon and I were able to attend their sealing. Brandon was the best man!

5. This handsome guy turned 24!!! I love him with all my heart!
Just few little notes as to why Brandon is pretty much the coolest:
- He has the best dance moves.
- If my Mac ever gives me any trouble, he can fix it right away and knows how to.
- He is super active and we have lots of fun hiking, swimming, going on bike rides, and lots more.
- No one has ever been able to make me laugh as much and as hard as him.
- He is sweet and kind!
He is my best friend! Happy Birthday mister!


1. Lots of work, massive conversion/ merger at work. Busy, busy, busy
2. Went bowling with my work, and it was awesome!
3. I met mister B a year ago. We celebrated and went out to yummy dinner.
4. Put braces on my teeth, I know I looked like I was 14 again. It was worth it. Plus it was only for two months.
5. Moved out of my parents home and moved to Provo.