Lately Pandora has been keeping me sane on my drive to work. I will sometimes listen to NPR or local radio stations, but there is a limit to how many lipo clinic/ hair growth/ hair removal/ online dating/ crap commercials I can handle on my commute. So Pandora saves me from all that gibberish most days. The other night Brandon and I put up our beautiful Christmas tree and while we were decorating we put on some Christmas music: Sufjan Stevens (Holiday)
 Sufjan didn't disappoint as usual, but I did discover something even better! She & Him Christmas is keeping my Christmas cheer on full this December.
So now you know what we are listening in our home. Happy December!

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we want to express gratitude for our amazing family and friends! Thank you for all you do! We love you!


July 16th

This may be a tad late, but here it is! Brandon and I got married on July 16th and it was the most perfect day! We are so blessed with such amazing family and friends! We had so much fun! We ate delicious food, we laughed so much, and we danced the night away! We want to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us! It was a party!

I truly married the most perfect guy for me. He knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up when I'm having a rough day. He is an amazing cook! Incredible baker! He completes me and I am so blessed to have him by my side for the rest of eternity! I love you B!


Day in Midway

A day at work today in Park City, Brandon got some work done (4 fillings)...

On the way home we spent some time in beautiful Midway. The colors are changing and red's/oranges are popping out.

Icicles are already making their way onto the Park City scene.

The Funicular at Deer Valley, this thing is rad. Definitely worth checking out. It seems like an attraction you'd pay for, but you don't. It's really just a extravagant elevator.

Fanny's Grill at the Homestead, near the crater.


Labor Day With The Fam

This is how Stringham family camps.

Legless........ We Can Fix That!

So B and I got these sweet chairs from the Marriott (Thanks Cynthia). Yes, we don't have any furniture and we are taking what we can get from local hotels.  Best part we get to improve our handy skills in the process. These lovelies came without legs. Add one more completed project to the Home Improvement list!
We made a little Home Depot trip and got these plain things. Boring.

We removed the previous hardware. Set new screws.

Stained the legs, along with our hands.
Added two coats of Semi-gloss and then set them in place.

ViolĂ ! We now have two new beauties in our house. Come visit any time!


Book Worm

I'm not quite the book worm, but I am working on it. I become one little more each summer. Lately I've been busy planning a wedding (which is in 6 days!!!!!), but when I have few minutes of free time I've been enjoying a good read! This one has been captivating me with every page! I can't put it down and on few occasions I've lost track of time and didn't put it down till 3 am. My boss reads so many books and she thought that I would really enjoy this one. I was little hesitant to read it at first. I knew the book was a true story from world war 2 and I was little scared because I thought it would be old/ boring. I was SO WRONG!! I am loving this! The author has written this story so well! With each page I want to know more and more. So if you have a fear about war books, read this one. You will like it! I have a long list of books for this summer. I'm hoping to read all of them before winder comes. I'll let you know how that goes! Well I'm off to read a little more!


I could hold you forever

I can't wait to hold this handsome guy again! Less than 2 weeks and he will be home from his long 30 day tour. I love you my skinny love!


I Found You!!!!

YES!!! I don't think I can be any happier right now! In Russia I used to always drink Kefir. It is so yummy, well if you grew up drinking it every day. I think it's because of Kefir that I don't like milk that much. As a kid I would always choose Kefir over milk. I loved that stuff. Well it's been over 11 years since I've had it. That is a long time!
So on Saturday, Brandon and I wondered into Sunflower Market. We were getting some fresh produce and we happen to walk by the dairy isle. I was reading names of yogurts and came across a whole section of Kefir. My mind didn't quiet catch the name as first. I kept walking and then it finally clicked!!! KEFIR!!! Are you serious!!!! I ran back to the isle and I was so happy it was ridiculous! I got a bottle of raspberry flavored one. I was in heaven! I'm still giddy about it! I'm so amazed at how one sip of that stuff flooded my mind with little memories. Not only that but this drink is so good for your body. It has bunch on probiotics and all this other great stuff. Go ahead and try it! Don't get the plain kind, it takes getting used to. I love it plain and I also loved the flavored kinds as well. Brandon had some and he liked it, but I don't think I'll be seeing him drinking it by a cup full anytime soon.

I'm truly a happy kid right now.


Hello Mister

Brandon and I had so much fun today. I had the day off work! That is always a sweet thing! We had lots of errands to run, a long to-do list to complete. We spent the whole day with each other running around town getting wedding things done. Brandon will be traveling with Young Ambassadors for 30 days, so we have a lot of things on our list that need to be done before he leaves. One of the highlights of today was taking our engagement pictures! It was so fun! Brandon and I couldn't stop laughing. Our photographer was awesome! We got to see few pictures he took and I can't wait to see the rest! Also our incredibly talented friend Drew designed our wedding invitations and they are out of this world awesome! I get to address those babies while Brandon is gone, it will be good to keep me busy while he is gone. 92 more days!!!!

We were looking at cake toppers and came across these little guys. They are kind of cute.


You're The One I Love

Here's to you Brandon, my sweet Valentine!

You are perfect and I love you!


Home Is Whenever I'm With You.

In January, Brandon and I went to California to see my friend Liana get married. Liana and I have been friends for 12+ years, she is one of my Russian friends. She got married on Friday, so Brandon and I spent the day in Fullerton. We had so much fun at her and Sam's wedding. We danced the night away, witnessed Liana smash cake into Sam's face, and we laughed a lot! Thank you guys for inviting us to share your special day with you!
Friday night, after the wedding we went to Randy and Alyssa's home. They are so sweet and let us sleep in their cute apartment. We were treated like royalty! Randy made us yummy breakfast on Saturday morning, after which we headed to LA walk of fame.

Brandon and I ran into our buddy Sam. No big deal.
Randy and Alyssa got lots of pictures of our trip! Thank you guys!
Chuck Norris, don't mess!
After wondering around LA, we all went to Santa Monica Pier. We all decided to go an a ferris wheel ride. I love that ferris wheel! Brandon and I went on it when we first began to date and it has become one of our special places. We all got into our little chairs and while we were on the very top, the wheel made three stops, on the very top stop Brandon asked me to marry him!!!!! I cried! We all laughed because Brandon totally surprised me! Randy and Alyssa got all of it on pictures and video! I'm so thrilled to marry by best friend! Brandon is truly the best man for me! Im SO lucky to have him in my life and I can't wait to share the rest of forever with him!
Pure bliss, right after we got off the ferris wheel.
We went on a walk on the beach.
And here is my new little pretty! I love it! I'm thrilled! This new adventure is going to be awesome!


See ya 2010!

My dear friend, 2010,
You were better than 2009! You were full of surprises, birthdays, cherished old friends and dear new ones. You kept me on my toes that is for sure. I've never worked harder, loved so fully, taken so many leaps of faith, and welcomed everything good into my life. My heart if full of gratitude for the wonderful year you were. Just like I said with year 2009: "I am a better person!". This year my family grew closer, said goodbye for two years to my baby brother Stephen, got a new nephew in march, went on amazing road trips with even more amazing friends, moved out to Provo, cooked more, baked more, laughed so hard with friends that tears ran down my face, learned to forgive, welcomed new friends into my life, had more dinners with my friends (every single week!!!), attended weddings and baby showers, fell even more in love with my niece, grew even stronger in the gospel, held patients hands, helped out a stranger, spend time with my Russian friends, Mona rope swing, got another nephew in December, spent Christmas away from my family and spent it with my best friend and his family, the list goes on. 2010 you were fun! I've never been happier! I love where my life is, I wouldn't change a thing. I am so grateful for my family, who are always there to love and laugh with me. I'm grateful for my friends who are always near. I'm grateful for the love I have in my life. I'm grateful for the gospel in my life, the true miracles and blessings it brings into my life. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. I am truly blessed and I am grateful for that! Year 2011, I know you will be an amazing year! Bring it on!*This was taken a year ago Christmas. I love this picture of my family!