And All The Lights Are Changing Red To Green

 Hello 2013! Aren't you so sweet and sparkly clean! Just like most people at the beginning of the year, I make resolutions. Sometimes I start early and make my resolutions on my birthday, but not this year! One of the things I wanted to do this year is to keep fostering puppies from Furburbia. This is something both Brandon and I love to do. 

I decided to jump on my resolution early and went to Furburbia after work on a Thursday, early January. They had 6 puppies and none of them had a home for the night, so I took one home. She was so sweet and cuddly. Brandon and I both fell in love with her, but we both knew she was going back to Furburbia. Friday morning I left for work and Brandon was going to take puppy back later in the day. Yeah...... that didn't happen. I came home and Brandon gave me a big hug, while he was hugging me I herd little yelps/ whimpers coming from our back room. I just started crying like a little child and ran to the room where a puppy was more than happy to see me! Brandon told me we could keep her! I was beyond thrilled!!!! My husband got me a puppy!!!

Meet Frankie! She is a little ball of love and sweetness! She is such a good dog and has learned lots of fun tricks.
 First week home. She was so tiny!
 Snuggling with Whistler on her super comfortable bed.
 Getting some Noodles & Co. on a date night.
 First time getting groomed. She gave non stop licks to this sweet lady.
 We are loving this new little family member! She is a beauty! Thank you Brandon for getting me a dog!

See Ya 2012

Brandon and I had a wonderful Christmas! We got to spend time with both of our families and I don't think there is a better way to celebrate. We followed tradition in the Farmer home and built ginger bread houses. Ours was complete with a white fluffy bunny, light post, sparkly fence, and a ginger man murder. Of course we consumed more candy than we actually used in the building/ decorating process.
 Elder Farmer called us Christmas day! It was so wonderful to see and talk to him. I can't believe he will be home this year! Can't wait to see little Farmer!
 We celebrated New Years by staying up late, doing puzzles, and kissing at midnight!

2012, you were good to us!