You're The One I Love

Here's to you Brandon, my sweet Valentine!

You are perfect and I love you!


Home Is Whenever I'm With You.

In January, Brandon and I went to California to see my friend Liana get married. Liana and I have been friends for 12+ years, she is one of my Russian friends. She got married on Friday, so Brandon and I spent the day in Fullerton. We had so much fun at her and Sam's wedding. We danced the night away, witnessed Liana smash cake into Sam's face, and we laughed a lot! Thank you guys for inviting us to share your special day with you!
Friday night, after the wedding we went to Randy and Alyssa's home. They are so sweet and let us sleep in their cute apartment. We were treated like royalty! Randy made us yummy breakfast on Saturday morning, after which we headed to LA walk of fame.

Brandon and I ran into our buddy Sam. No big deal.
Randy and Alyssa got lots of pictures of our trip! Thank you guys!
Chuck Norris, don't mess!
After wondering around LA, we all went to Santa Monica Pier. We all decided to go an a ferris wheel ride. I love that ferris wheel! Brandon and I went on it when we first began to date and it has become one of our special places. We all got into our little chairs and while we were on the very top, the wheel made three stops, on the very top stop Brandon asked me to marry him!!!!! I cried! We all laughed because Brandon totally surprised me! Randy and Alyssa got all of it on pictures and video! I'm so thrilled to marry by best friend! Brandon is truly the best man for me! Im SO lucky to have him in my life and I can't wait to share the rest of forever with him!
Pure bliss, right after we got off the ferris wheel.
We went on a walk on the beach.
And here is my new little pretty! I love it! I'm thrilled! This new adventure is going to be awesome!