Feels Like Lightning Running Through My Veins

 I can't believe the warmth outside! It has been a wonderful spring in the Farmer household. Brandon's cousin got married March 29th and we got to attend his wedding reception just down the street form our house.
 The following morning, we got our running shoes out and participated in a 5K fundraiser run for Nick. Nick is Brandon's cousin that has been in a hospital since January. He suffered a heart arrhythmia that deprived his brain of oxygen, this caused an anoxic brain injury.
 Jaclyn brought her camera and documented the whole event! Look at this sleepy faced bunch.
 The turnout was incredible! The event was full of people who know Nick and it was so touching to see everyone coming together to support Nick and his family!
 Everyone that came, got to sign a HUGE poster at the finish line!
 We all love Nick and wish him a speedy recovery!
 Breakfast post 5K run.
First family photo. Frankie got to join us after we finished the run. We had a wonderful time and it was good to run for an amazing cause!