I Found You!!!!

YES!!! I don't think I can be any happier right now! In Russia I used to always drink Kefir. It is so yummy, well if you grew up drinking it every day. I think it's because of Kefir that I don't like milk that much. As a kid I would always choose Kefir over milk. I loved that stuff. Well it's been over 11 years since I've had it. That is a long time!
So on Saturday, Brandon and I wondered into Sunflower Market. We were getting some fresh produce and we happen to walk by the dairy isle. I was reading names of yogurts and came across a whole section of Kefir. My mind didn't quiet catch the name as first. I kept walking and then it finally clicked!!! KEFIR!!! Are you serious!!!! I ran back to the isle and I was so happy it was ridiculous! I got a bottle of raspberry flavored one. I was in heaven! I'm still giddy about it! I'm so amazed at how one sip of that stuff flooded my mind with little memories. Not only that but this drink is so good for your body. It has bunch on probiotics and all this other great stuff. Go ahead and try it! Don't get the plain kind, it takes getting used to. I love it plain and I also loved the flavored kinds as well. Brandon had some and he liked it, but I don't think I'll be seeing him drinking it by a cup full anytime soon.

I'm truly a happy kid right now.


Hello Mister

Brandon and I had so much fun today. I had the day off work! That is always a sweet thing! We had lots of errands to run, a long to-do list to complete. We spent the whole day with each other running around town getting wedding things done. Brandon will be traveling with Young Ambassadors for 30 days, so we have a lot of things on our list that need to be done before he leaves. One of the highlights of today was taking our engagement pictures! It was so fun! Brandon and I couldn't stop laughing. Our photographer was awesome! We got to see few pictures he took and I can't wait to see the rest! Also our incredibly talented friend Drew designed our wedding invitations and they are out of this world awesome! I get to address those babies while Brandon is gone, it will be good to keep me busy while he is gone. 92 more days!!!!

We were looking at cake toppers and came across these little guys. They are kind of cute.