Happy Week

This week made me happy. Here are few things why:

* clean car, no more dirt form the snow storm adventures
* laughing so hard my face hurts
* random road trips to Provo to see bands, friends, and more bands
* meeting lead singers and laughing at great silly things
* the Soloist
* listening to friends play the piano, guitar, sing to me.
* finally feeling completely free and no longer being numb.
* getting rid of a whole lot of useless pictures
* talking till morning hours
* sleeping in

Life is so good!


This Week Rocked My Beat!!!!

This week has been the best! My family left to Canada (Whistler) to ski and I decided to make this a great week. It all began on Monday.
*Learned how to play human foosball, very fun! Especially with a lot of people.
*Discovered a new yogurt place that Liz and I can go to without going broke!

*Celebrated friend's birthday and listened to little jazz band. Brandon plays in it and they sounded great!
Brandon on the trumpet.
I would truly love to own one of these great chandeliers.
Brandon, Me, and Jeffi (birthday boy). We started the Awkward Hugger Mugger club. We think we are funny!
Me, JJ and Jeffi trying to pull the ugly french face. So hideous but oh so funny.

*Went out with some girls and got pedicures. We're just getting ready for summer to get here.
My friend Grise got engaged!!!! Congrats! In order to celebrate we went out to lunch and we brought Kevin (her fiance) with us.
Cute couple!
Just showing off our stylin' scrubs!
*I also went to the Ting Tings concert!
They are such a fun band to watch live! The entire crowd was dancing and jumping. Thank you Tyler for letting me know they were in town and for keeping me company.
After the concert we went out and got some sushi. This night was so much fun!

*Had the day off, so I slept in!!
*Saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D, LOVED it!!
*Went to few parties in Provo with friends.

*Went to Park City to ski! It was so much fun! Thanks Brandon for the free pass.
This week has been busy and full of fun things. My face hurts from laughing and smiling! I'm so high on life!! It's truly amazing and I love the people that share it with me! Thanks for the great time this week!


I'm sure glad today is over. Tomorrow is a new day and a beginning of a new journey, I'm looking forward to that. I was looking through some of my pictures and many of them made me smile. Here are few of my favorites, enjoy!

*This picture was taken in Hawaii at night time (duh!). My brothers and I walked out little further into the water and we didn't see the huge waives coming. It was so much fun!*I love sunsets. There is something very peaceful about them. What a great way to say goodbye to a day.
*Halloween with Keiko is always too much fun. This night was epic!
*New York. I love that city! Jack and I look like total nerds in this picture and it cracks me up every time I see it.
*Jackson Lake is my heaven on earth. I love this place! It has the best sunsets next to Hawaii.
*Jackson Lake, Sarah and I messing around in the water.
*North Carolina. Thom and I are both sunned out. The thing that makes me laugh is my bendy arm. Most of my friends tease me about my gross bendy arm and I usually ignore them, but this picture kind of grosses me out (and makes me laugh).