We had the best time spending time with our families this summer. We started off our summer adventure by going to Jackson with my family. It was perfect! Great weather, water and company. 
 Finally getting much needed sun!

 Brandon getting ready to wakeboard.
 My dad broke his toe while we were hiking, but he decided to water ski anyways.

Then we took off to CO to see the Farmers. They spoiled us with great meals, movies, fresh peaches, and the Rockies game! This was my first time attending a major league game. They won and I ever got to see few home runs!
 Excited to see the Rockies!
 With my handsome husband!
 What a good looking bunch!
 Farmer men!
 I just love him!
Posers and mama Farmer.

Thanks for a great time families, we love you!


Pinterement #1

 Do you have a Pinterest account? I do. I often find myself looking at my boards and realize that I've not actually done any of the crafts/projects/ideas, that I've pinned. So here is the grand opening of "Pinterements" (Pinterest Experiment - I just made up my own word). I've made a goal to get those dusty pins and put them into action. So here is:
 Brandon and I live in a cute basement apartment. This cute apartment has a cute little shower. This cute little shower has a yucky little glass door that is........ well kinda gross. Our little shower stays clean, but the stupid little door does not! Have you heard of "Hard Water"? Yeah, we have it. Our cute little shower door is is always covered in murky film. I've clean - attacked this little shower, and it's door, multiple times. The results are always the same: super clean shower and yucky filmy shower door.

Today I saw an Pin about how to remove hard water stains. With Brandon being out of town, I figured this would be a good day to try it out.

What you will need: Lime or Lemon juice, Baking Soda, tooth brush (not the same one you will be brushing your teeth with later), Vinegar, and a sponge.

Step one: Soak the sponge with line juice and clean the glass. The acid will help break down the yucky build up.

Step two: In a small bowl, mix baking soda and little bit of water. It shouldn't be too runny. Using a toothbrush, scrub those stubborn corners. I used a lot of the mixture so that some of it would stay in the corner spot.

Step three: Put vinegar in a spay bottle (label it so no one accidentally drinks it). Spray lots of it all over the door. Now you will see why lots of baking soda mixture is a good thing. It should start fizzing. Let it sit and fizz for about 20 minutes.

Step four: Rinse everything off really good. 

Step five: Finish up with a window cleaner. I used Windex and it worked great.

Here are the results!!!

Can you believe the difference! Incredible! Our cute little shower door in no longer gross. It is beautiful, super clean, and oh so so shiny! Can you believe how clear the glass is?! I'm impressed!

 Oh and if you are not half way soaked, you were doing something wrong :)

Great July

I can't believe it is already August.  Here is June according to my iPhone.
 I love my drives to work. There is always a beautiful sunset that greets me in Heber.
 I said goodbye to my lovely bike. Time for better ride.
 My lovely co-workers. We won a contest and decided to go out and celebrate.