Some Of Our Favotire

Brandon and I got road bikes earlier in the spring and have been enjoying going on some rides. David and Melina went on a 15 mile ride with us one evening! We rode all the way to Mount Timpanogos Temple and watched the sunset on the way back home.  
 David and Melina are pros.
 One day we'll be cool and ride with clips, but not today.
We decided to go on a pick-nick one afternoon at our favorite spot. We took Frankie with us to the park, where we enjoyed some yummy food and sunshine.

 My man and his buddy.
Summer time also means outdoor sports. Jaclyn had some free tickets and invited us to come to the Bees game. We had a great time cheering for our team and eating plenty of junk food.
 Frankie and I spent many days having play dates with her little buddy Diesel. They are out of control together.
 After play dates it was time for Rocco's. The fish tacos there are amazing!

 Our beautiful girl!
 Our neighbors got some little piglets and Frankie was very curious. We love Frankie, she is such a joy to have in our home.
The weather has been so nice, we got to take the boat out and enjoy some waterskiing.  We went to Jordanelle reservoir very early in the morning and got some great water.

Brandon showing off his skills. Of course we stopped by Kneaders for some breakfast, their french toast is my favorite. 

I'm loving this warm summer weather! I can't wait to enjoy the adventures this summer brings.